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Two Ways to Order N-ear PRO

3.5mm Connector


Perfect for users that use a Lapel Speaker Mic.  Most Speaker Mics have an audio port on the side that is usually 3.5mm or 2.5mm.  Simply plug your PRO Series Earpiece right into the Speaker Mic.  

Perfect for users that want to use their “Existing Acoustic Tube Earpiece”.  In this case users would order the PRO Series Earpiece with 3.5mm connector.  You will also need the 3.5mm Adaptor Item # AD-AT-3.5.  

SnapLock Connector


Perfect for users that work with radios that are rotated throughout multiple people and shifts. The SnapLock allows users the ability to simply detach the  PRO Series  Earpiece from the “PTT Base” and give the radio and the PTT base to another user to plug in their earpiece.    

A hygienic way to keep each user’s earpiece separate while cutting down the cost of ordering entire solutions for each person.    

The SnapLock Earpiece Solution™ offers PTT Base units for all radio models. The SnapLock connector itself is extremely durable and provides a metal to metal 2 pin connection point. SnapLock is available in a 1, 2 or 3 wire configuration and is also available in resin or Braided Fiber Cloth®.

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