RMCP have provided us with some great feedback regarding our N•EAR 360 earpiece. We’re delighed to share it with you  …

“We have assessed all available earpieces on the market and tested each, the N-Ear Stealth was the best by far in our field testing. Not only in audio quality and durability, but also in the minimalistic design that is much less noticeable than any other options, including covert wireless devices. The comfort factor is what really caught our attention, these devices can be worn well in excess of 12 hours a day with no discomfort or ear fatigue caused by even the best custom moulded pieces. No other device is comparable to our knowledge, based on our testing. In addition, we required the ability to monitor ambient sound for situational awareness, and this excelled in that area as well as providing the option for a closed fit that excludes ambient noise for noisy environments. We outfitted all officers in our District with these and are very satisfied with the service and support from N-ear.”

DK Kelly, Staff Sargent,
Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.