The Concert Hall had problems with the speakers they used for two-way radio communication. They were uncomfortable – especially during
long shifts – and at the same time the sound quality was bad, which meant that the security guards could not hear the radio communication
during the concerts.

Stealth360 for pro audio receivers

“We bought Stealth360 and connected the speaker to our existing radio accessories (MIC/PTT).
We have used them ever since for all kinds of events, e.g. outdoor and indoor concerts and VIP-events.
The Stealth360 is so comfortable to wear, that you actually forget you have a speaker in your ear. In addition, they are discrete and sound great,
which means that during rock concerts our security team can actually hear the radio communication.”

“We were loking for a better speaker solution for our two-way radios, both in terms of sound quality and comfort, and we have fully achieved
this with the Stealth360. We highly recommend this product.”

Leif Pørtner, Head of Security, Musikhuset Aarhus
Kim Ilsøe, NK/, Security Team Coordinator, Aarhus.

The Concert Hall Aarhus is the largest Concert Hall in Scandinavia, and has more than 600.000 guests every year. Impressive acoustics and
beautiful architecture constitute the Concert Hall’s six halls and nine scenes that set the stage for more than 1.200 yearly events.