N•ear 360 SILVER NEW FOR 2020!

Replacing the acoustic tube

The N•ear 360 is the best “In-Ear” micro-speaker earpiece available for 2-way radio users anywhere in the world.

If you use a traditional acoustic tube earpiece, the N-ear 360 earpiece is for you.  Protect your long-term hearing while retaining 360-degree situational awareness.  It is so comfortable and discrete that you, nor anyone esle, can tell your wearint it.

“The Europeans beat us to the punch America” ….. EP specialist Byron Rodgers talks N•EAR 360

"This new earpiece/surveillance kit technology is the best I’ve ever experienced during my time in this game. Most of the stuff we are using is seriously outdated especially when you consider what modern technology does for us in every other area of our lives.
-It is...

#1 Great Comfort

N•ear 360 offers optimum comfort with no ear fatigue. The ear piece is designed to wear all day

#2 Situational Awareness

N•ear 360 is based on micro speaker technology and it’s so tiny that it won’t block your ear. With a N-ear 360 ear piece, you can hear both your radio and your sourroundings.

#3 Discrete

N-ear 360 is placed in the ear canal, which makes it almost invisble.

#4 Unique Audio Signature

N•ear 360 offers a unique audio signature based on patended micro speaker technology, and optimized for speach clarity.

#5 Secure fit

N•ear 360 offers a secure fit based on the patended cable bend.

#6 High Durability

N•ear 360 offers high durability, including a Kevlar and Technora fiber reinforced cable strain relief

Available in a DUAL version (both ears)

Get the DUAL version of N•ear 360 for even better comfort, fit, discreteness and audio experience

3-Year Warranty

The N•ear 360 earpieces have been heavily tested in both CP/EP and tactical environments, and it offers high durability with Kevlar and Technora fiber reinforced cable strain relief.

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FDA Approved

The N•EAR 360 earpiece is a certified premium earpiece for professional use.

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Patented Technology

The N•EAR 360 earpiece has five patents in the earpiece component alone.  Hear and feel why each one matters.

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we believe in quality and great user experience


Designed to stay in the ear canal all day.


The small speaker + the open ear tip makes it possible to hear both your surroundings and you radio.


Micro Speaker Technology.
Optimized for speech.

GREAT and secure FIT

The unique cable and the micro speaker placed in the ear canal, gives you a covert and secure fit.

Available in a DUAL version (both ears)

For even better comfort, fit, discreteness and audio experience..

Works with all 2-way radios

Connect to any radio via a PTT/mic base with the unique SnapLock connector.


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